Most Preferred Places in Spain - Cuenca

One of the most beautiful places in Spain is Cuenca. This place is in Central Spain and it has many places of interest in store for the tourist. Each of these places has centuries-old history. Let us take a quick tour of some of these important places:

The Savior Church:


This single-tower church of neo-Gothic architecture is believed to have been built in the 18th Century. Inside this church there are many great works of art and sculptures. The most revered religious procession named 'Las Turbas' is held here every year on 'Good Friday'. In this festival the statue of Jesús el Nazareno" (Jesus the Nazarene) is taken in procession.

Saint Paul Bridge:

Necessity is the mother of invention is what an old adage says. It is true in the case of this bridge. In Cuenca a convent called 'Old Saint Paul Convent' had been built. In order to the convent, people had to cross the river called Huecar's Gorge. This made necessary the construction of the bridge. The original bridge collapsed and the present bridge was built on the foundation of the old one. The new bridge is made of wood and steel.

Old Saint Paul Convent:

Construction of this convent was started in the 16th Century because of a monk's desire. Actually, the construction was completed in the 18th Century. However, when the convent collapsed, the Pauline Fathers who were managing the convent left the place. The convent was restored in 1990 and now it houses the famous hotel, 'Parador Nacional de Turismo de Cuenca'. Painstaking care had been taken to retain the beauty of the convent while it was undergoing renovation. People still go to the convent through the Saint Paul Bridge which is the only way available.

The Castle:

This castle is simply called 'El Castillo'. According to archeologists this castle was built by the Arabs during the Moorish occupation of Spain. A big portion of the castle has fallen down and the authorities have made effort to preserve the portions that are still standing. History says that the French soldiers destroyed this castle when the Spanish war of independence was fought.

Saint Michael Church:

This is one of the most imposing buildings ever built in Cuenca. This church is believed to have been built in the 13th Century. When it was built, the church had only one nave and apse. But in the 15th Century, a second nave was added. The dome of the church was changed in the 18th Century. The management of the church was later turned over to the local municipality.

Most Preferred Places in Spain - Cuenca

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