Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York

Hey all you NFL fans. You know who you are! Next time you follow your favorite team to Buffalo NY head straight to the Anchor Bar. The Anchor Bar, located at 1047 Main St. in Buffalo NY, is noted as the original home of the Chicken Wing. Remember that this restaurant can be very crowded for both lunch and dinner. You could find yourself waiting for as much as an hour but the bar is always open to serve you while you wait. It will be well worth your time. As you look around the room you will notice wall decor of collectibles that cover every inch. Some are enlarged magazine covers, some framed letters from famous or well known personalities, and pictures of local celebrities like the late Tim Russert. Buffalo has a rich history and the Anchor Bar displays this history as well as being a part of it.

Now once you're seated it is time to go ahead and order the best wings in the world. You can order them any way you like but I prefer the mild and hot wings. I like to be able to savor the sweet flavor of the sauce. That plus a dip into the blue cheese dressing is a taste delight you can never forget. I believe the suicide sauce is great, but just a little too hot to allow anyone to fully experience the delicious flavor of the special secret sauce. Try 20 or even 40 of these Buffalo wings with a beer of your beverage of choice and you will be in chicken wing paradise.


On Friday and Saturday you will experience a double treat. Along with the amazing wings and drinks you will be treated to the best jazz and blues anywhere. The place is not for the calm of spirit, so if you are looking for a place where you can just sit and talk, you may want to avoid the times that they are playing.

Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York

You can check for times and business hours by calling ahead any day at 716 886- 8920. This is the best place to enjoy the perfect blend of spicy Buffalo wings and music. I will be looking for you from the bar. Enjoy! Anchor Bar

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