Where To Begin A Free Family Tree Search

Daily, people are searching for answers pertaining to their family roots. There are many factors involved when searching for clues to your family's history. The more information you contain going into these types of searches the better. There are numerous ways to perform a free family tree search.

The following are suggestions to make your task easier in discovering the mysteries of your family roots:

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A. Talk to relatives

The best place to begin your search of your family's past is closer than you think. Call up or visit relatives and ask them questions about when they were growing up. You will find that most relatives will be more than happy to indulge your curiosity. Speaking to members of your family about their childhoods will prove to be a great bonding experience. You might also find that your relatives were not as straight-laced as you once thought. Remember to take notes while annotating names, dates and locations.

B. Public Libraries

After speaking with your relatives, take your newfound information and go to your local library. Public libraries have huge databases of information to search through, granted you have the time to perform this task. Some libraries have "Genealogy Departments" which prove useful for anyone seeking information about the genealogy of their family. You will find an abundance of information to sort through in your search. If you feel overwhelmed, feel free to ask the librarian for help.

C. Create a detailed family name group sheet

This document is a detailed sheet that lists family members who are parents and their siblings. Remember to include family members who were not parents for they are just as important as the other family members are. You will find this document helpful but tedious. This sheet will quickly grow to numerous sheets outlining the different generations of your past family history. This detailed document offers an easier way in identifying the gaps while leading you in the right direction of listing everyone in your family tree.

D. Search the internet

The Internet provides a wonderful avenue in searching for clues into the genealogy of your family. Websites are in abundance offering free access to Census documents, message boards and genealogy websites. You will find that a huge support group is available at your fingertips with many people performing genealogy as a hobby. These websites share information which proves helpful to someone who is searching for clues to their past.

E. Join Genealogy organizations

These organizations provide research assistance in finding out information about the genealogy of your family. Most of these organizations are free to join and you will find them helpful in your journey. Type in the Google search engine "Genealogy Organizations" for the city you live within and you will easily find numbers to call.

Searching into your past can prove tedious and never-ending. Even with all the time entailed with this project, it will prove to be a memorable experience. You might find a long-lost brother/sister or cousin. The study of genealogy is not an exact science however, with the number of resources available, especially on the internet; there is no reason why you will not be able to perform a free family tree search and yield satisfying results.

Where To Begin A Free Family Tree Search

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