Romantic Birthday Ideas For Him

Your beloved's birthday is a very special time. After all, you're celebrating the fact that they are here, in the world, for you to love! What could be more important than that?

Finding a romantic birthday idea can be difficult. You don't want to do the usual dinner and roses and massage route, right? Here are a few options that might make this next birthday the one she will never, ever forget.

\"world History\"

Create a Timeline. Start with the day of her birth and find something in world history that matches up to it. For example, was anything invented on the day she was born? Did something great happen? Make a timeline of all the good things that happened on every single birthday she had celebrated. On the last birthday -- the one you are celebrating now -- make a note of something momentous. Perhaps it's the day you get down on one knee?

Have a Dessert Dinner. Many restaurants love to offer free dessert for birthdays. Why not make a game of it? Call ahead and ask the restaurants of your choice if they have objections to your plan. You will pay for your own dessert, while your date gets hers on the house, as well as hearing "Happy Birthday" sung to her over and over throughout the night. How sweet and romantic is that?

Plan a Surprise Party. This might seem like an old standby, but there's a twist: If you can hold off on meeting your beloved's friends until her big day, then you're in luck! The point is to show her how much you adore her by taking the initiative, contacting her friends, and inviting them to the party. You know she wants you to meet them all, but if you take the plunge on your own, she will realize how much she means to you. So it's time to find her best friend's phone number!

Create a Playlist of Her Life. For every important period in your life, it's a sure bet that music was a part of it. Why not show your love how much she means to you by tracking down the song that was number one on each of her birthdays? Put them all on a CD and present it to her as a trip down memory lane. How many do you think she will remember fondly?

Make it Public. Make your love clear to everyone. Write "Happy Birthday" in the sky, put it on a billboard, or post a banner at her workplace. As long as you don't mention her age, you're good to go!

Romantic Birthday Ideas For Him

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