Why We Should Study History?

What does passion mean to most of us? Is there something that rouses your soul and take your emotions to another, a deeper level? I have realised that there is something that I am passionate about.

Deep down I contemplate myself as a little scholar because I find myself watching, reading, and browsing about "history". I am passionate about History; be it Greek, Roman, Indian or any other. I see myself constantly exploring channels or books in shops or the library to take away. This fascination leads to such an extent that whenever a program is on TV about history I particularly get ecstatic and put my feet up to view it.

\"today History\"

When ever one talks about history it is usually referred to as something that was either read in a book or taught at school. But history is more than that; History is the model of our past, a tale of mankind. People of most cultures went to great strengths to record their history either by writing it down on what ever they could or even by word of mouth. It is believed that the natives of Australia managed to cling to their history using this oral tradition for centuries. Today history of course requires resources from a number of interdisciplinary orders ranging from mathematicians, chemists, sociologists, geologists to representative of nearly all life science disciplines.

The reason why history is essential and why we should all be passionate about is that history is the account of mankind and not a mere date, dead people, a storyline or a plot of events and places. It is importance to our society as history facilitates our understanding of people and societies. As the past created the present, history ameliorates our understanding of that change and how the civilisation and the world we live in came to exist. History is important so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Why We Should Study History?

S. Singh is a passionate historian from BIHAR.

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