Free Criminal History Checks - Where Can You Find Them?

Why are criminal background checks so important? You feel like you have known someone for a long time, so why is it necessary to dig into their past and find things about them that should have been buried long ago.

Because not everybody is honest. If you are living next to a burglar who has committed hundreds of offenses, and is still on parole, would you feel comfortable? Probably not. How about if that person has multiple assault convictions? Even worse, is a registered sex offender?


But how can you go about finding this out? Did you know that arrests, jail time, and convictions are public record? It's true. All of this is public information and can be obtained rather easily, but you might have to pay for it since a person has to physically maintain a database. There is nothing wrong with that since you can not put a price on safety.

Free Criminal History Checks - Where Can You Find Them?

Never assume someone else has done this work already. Not all background checks are created equal. Some have very limited information, some don't check out of state, and some are missing important details. You need to know this!

By performing your own check, you can be assured that a full search was done, and you can know first hand exactly what this person has been convicted of. Maybe it is nothing, but maybe what was ignored by the employer is a big deal to you, and changes your view.

Your security is worth it. Your family also depends on this. Don't let problems go unnoticed. Know who you are living around and get this information before it is too late.

Free Criminal History Checks - Where Can You Find Them?

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