History Of Gospel Music

Different individuals have various definitions of gospel music. But, for those who believe, this is a way for all to come together as one, honor the times of yore, look ahead to the future, and refurbish our faith. For those who believe, gospel music is a blissful noise for the Lord. It has also been said that gospel music can stir different emotions with its lyrics and tunes; hence, there is an increasing number of gospel music audiences around the world.

But when did gospel music really start? According to some studies, the history of gospel music dates back to the 18th century. This was an era where hymns were usually lined and repeated in a call and response fashion. On the other hand, the spiritual and work songs of the African slaves came along. These slaves were prohibited from many things and were punished for offending their masters. Such situations did not hinder them from worshipping and learning to create their own worship hymns, however.


From 1900 through the 1930s, gospel music was attributed to the social changes in the United States where blacks from the South were moving to other areas of the country with their own gospel music. After this period, noted people who are attributed to gospel music's success came into the picture.

History Of Gospel Music

During the 30s, Thomas A. Dorsey was given credit for the crucial development of gospel music. He created songs combining shouts of praise and emotional fervor with his won contemporary style. This was mostly unwelcomed in churches. This era in the history of gospel music was named the Dorsey Era and Thomas Dorsey was named the Father of Contemporary Gospel Music.

During the 1940s, gospel ensembles and quartets sprang to life. These groups traveled all over the U.S., creating a demand for this type of music. On the other hand, the 50s brought the piano and the organ to gospel music. Some performers on this era were The Clara Ward Singers, The Staple Singers of Chicago, and Albertina Walker.

Nowadays, gospel music is still evolving. Many gospel music artists even believe that it is now coming into the mainstream and that they are to introduce gospel music to the mainstream audience.

History Of Gospel Music

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