Shroud of Turin New Evidence - A Breakthrough Discovery

The Shroud of Turin New Evidence reveals some pivotal information about the cloth that held the body of Jesus after he was taken down from the cross.

For many years after the shroud was photographed, scientists have worked hard to get more information on some of the clues left behind. This article will discuss some of the more recent findings found on this sacred cloth.


The Shroud of Jesus has been a topic of debate for many years. Skeptics and believers alike have been trying to further understand this sacred object. Skeptics are trying to get more information to prove that the shroud is a fake, while the believers are trying to get more evidence to prove Jesus' existence.

Shroud of Turin New Evidence - A Breakthrough Discovery

For many it's hard to believe that Jesus, the supposed Son of God, came and lived among us to spread his message of love. Accounts of his life are documented in the New Testament and within the different Gospels. People at the time, witnessed first hand the truth of his existence. Another piece of evidence we can refer to is the Shroud of Turin. When it was first photographed in 1898, a positive image of a man had shown in the negative prints.

Up until this point, scientists were able to discover that this man was not only beaten and tortured, but was crucified as well. Bilirubin was found in his blood to confirm this. This bile pigment only shows up in a person's blood if they suffered a traumatic beating. There were also several marks on his body that matched the patterns of a Roman flagrum. During that time period, this tool was used to inflict punishment on someone.

Scientists were also able to determine that the cloth originated from Jerusalem. They were able to do this because they had tested the shroud for dust and pollen. What they found was that there were 56 different pollens on the cloth, 17 of which were native to Europe and the rest was from Palestine in Southern Turkey. If the cloth was forged then they should have only found pollen samples from both France and Italy, which is where the Savoy family had been. Also, it was written that St. Peter took the Shroud of Turin to Edessa, Turkey. Evidence found on the cloth confirms this story.

There was testing done to determine the exact age by doing C14 Dating Testing. What they found, or claimed they found, was that the cloth was from the period 1260 - 1390 AD. This basically disproved the theory that shroud was from 26 AD which is the time Jesus would have lived. There were problems that were discovered with their findings. C14 Dating has always proven to be off by several thousands of years which is one possible cause. Scientists were able to prove this by testing other samples from different time periods.

The scientists and the religious groups that headed up the investigation and testing seemed to be biased on not believing the shroud was authentic. It seems they did everything to try to sabotage the tests. The person that headed up the supervision of the shroud testing, Dr. Michael Tite, wrote a letter to one of the labs asking for them to find a cloth that was similar to the Shroud of Turin. He denied this accusation until his letter was made public and then he had no choice but to admit to this act. The scientists that performed the testing also violated 14 different scientific protocols.

On a separate study, Dr. Alan Whanger, he was able to see two coins that covered each eye. On further observation, he was able to see the markings of the coins used during the time of Tiberius Caesar, who was the emperor at the time of Christ. This proves that the image was in fact from 29 AD because those coins were only found during that time period. Not only that, it proves that the shroud was in fact from Israel. This was the official time stamp.

The Shroud of Turin New Evidence was discovered by Dame Isabel Piczek, a Particle Physicist. She was able to observe from the image that there was a strange dividing element. From this she created a 3 dimensional object and found that the body was not pressed against the ground and that the image was perfect. This meant that the cloth was stretched out and the body was hovering at the time, the image was created. She went on to mention that most people thought that the shroud represented death, in her opinion the shroud and the tomb represent an unbelievable beginning. She parallels the happenings of what happened in the Universe to the theory of the Big Bang.

The Shroud of Turin New Evidence always seems to be appearing in different studies. Jesus himself did not want to force anyone into believing in him. Through his miracles, it was evidence enough. All that he asked was for people to open their hearts and to have faith.

Shroud of Turin New Evidence - A Breakthrough Discovery

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